Saint Alban's Anglican Church

Committed to sharing Christ's Commandments: To love God and to love our neighbors as ourselves, through worship, education and outreach.

Sunday School

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At St. Alban’s we know just how important Sunday School truly is!

We know that in Sunday School children get to hear God's Word in stories that are very colorful and simple to understand.  Crafts, service projects and games help young students to internalize the truths they study. They will share these exciting truths with their parents and with their friends. Our teens get to meet with their peers and to hear God's Word about how to remain faithful to His way during the hard times that they face. They are challenged to find God's way for their lives. Their teachers give them practical lessons from the Bible that they can use along the path of life. Sunday School for teens is a strong counter weight to the cultural and moral relativism that they encounter in our society at large.                       

We know that Sunday School is the strong foundation on which strong families are built and are excited to welcome all families to Sunday School and encourage them to make a strong commitment to be with us each Sunday!

 Putting more FUN in Sunday School

 This year, we not only want to emphasize how important Sunday School is, we also want to make it more FUN for our younger children and thus have planned a re-organization of  the Sunday School to help us meet this goal and to better serve the wide range of ages and interests among Children’s Chapel participants!


Students from First Grade through Eighth Grade will meet in the Parish Hall at 9:30 sharp for a brief Children’s Chapel Service and then divide into flexible groups (which will change each week depending on the mix of children in attendance). One group will study the day’s Bible lesson with a staff member, while the other half of the children will go to the Activities Corner for a craft, game, or service project (often based on the day’s lesson). Halfway through the morning, the children will stop for a snack and then trade locations. We hope that this new format will enable children to be with their friends and to study God’s word in ways that appeal to many different learning styles.


Our youngest students (ages three through kindergarten) will meet their friends and teacher in the Nursery for Bible stories, crafts, games, and fun. While all children (ages three through grade eight) will follow the same lectionary based curriculum, we believe that the Nursery will provide a sheltered and child friendly location for early Bible stories.


 The Case for Christ

 Our High School students have now completed their four year study of the Bible, having read both the Old and New Testaments in their entirety!

  We are so grateful to all of our Sunday School teachers for accepting this important ministry!

 Activity Directors Needed!

 The restructuring of our Sunday School offers many opportunities for everyone in the congregation to be involved with the education of our children with only the smallest donation of time and talent! We are looking for adults to be activity directors during Children’s Chapel from 9:30 to 10:30 AM.  For as little as one hour for the entire year, adults will have the chance to lead a craft project, or play Bible games, or organize a service project with our children.

 Snack Donations

 Bakers are also needed. Growing children are always hungry, and our Sunday School participants are no exception. We are asking parents and parishioners to donate snacks such as cheese and crackers, oatmeal cookies, gold fish crackers, Chex Mix (with no nuts), granola bars, apple slices, bananas, orange segments, grapes, bottled water and other nutritious snacks.


We will be calling to ask for your help as Activity Leaders and snack donors! Please say yes! Ideas are also needed for appropriate service projects, crafts, and games. Please share your ideas with the Sunday School Staff!

 Sunday School Offering                    

 Both Children’s Chapel participants and High School students are asked to bring an offering to Sunday School each week. Offerings are donated to Compassion International to support two students, Sangeetha Govindasamy, a twelve year old girl from India, and Gurmesa Urga, a thirteen year old boy from Ethiopia. We donate $36.00 a month for each child’s care and send Christmas and birthday gifts, making the total annual support payment nearly $1,000 each year.  Unfortunately our Sunday morning offerings recently have not been adequate to support this ministry.

 Look for photos posters and news updates from Sangeetha and Gurmesa throughout the Sunday School year!

 Please join me in praying for God’s blessing on our students and staff as a new Sunday School year begins!

 Diane Kaufmann