Saint Alban's Anglican Church

Committed to sharing Christ's Commandments: To love God and to love our neighbors as ourselves, through worship, education and outreach.

Sunday School 2018-2019

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Kicking off the first semester, the Elementary Class will explore space with Buck Denver as he leads his friends on a mission to Sector 9.  Buck Denver has a simple dream - to save the galaxy.  Working for the Galactic Mission Board, Buck dreams of carrying God's love to every corner of the Milky Way!  Except he doesn't have a starship.  Or a crew.  Or even a captain's license.  He just needs a chance.  But when that chance comes and Buck finds himself leading a real mission into deep space, things don't go at ALL like he imagined!  If he's doing what God wants him to do, why is everything going wrong?

During this galactic quest in September, the children will discuss how to walk with God (and read the story of Samuel anointing David) and what it means to "be a disciple" (as they hear the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand).  In studying the parable of The Good Samaritan, they will experience God's Rule of Love.  Reading Galations, they will review the Fruits of the Spirit.

The Teen Class kicks off the year with the award-winning DVD series, Life Choices.  Life can be tough, especially for teenagers.  Critical issues like peer pressure, divorce, family conflict, dating and relationships, often distract teens from developing a close personal relationship with God.  This five week series, based on the teen-oriented move, To Save a Life, explores answers to questions often on the minds of high school students.

St. Alban's College students will be on everyone's mind mid-September as the Sunday School once again asks for your support in providing Care Packages to the 17 young adults from our church who are currently enrolled in college or graduate school.  Please check the display in the narthex later this month, choose a student to sponsor, and give generously.  Often young adults leave the church during their college years.  These Care Packages are our way of reminding them that they are still members of a supportive, loving church family.

With gratitude for our Sunday School staff, for the support of the congregation, and for parents who bring their children to St. Alban's for religious education -


Diane Kaufmann