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Fill The Ark! A Great Success!!

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The Sunday School children invited everyone to join them in working to "fill the ark" this Lent by contributing to their annual outreach to provide animals to needy families through Heifer International.  After all donations were counted, the children met in small groups to debate which animals to purchase, giving really serious thought to which combinations of animals would do the most good for the most people.  This was our highest gift yet at $881!  This enabled the purchase of 2 Water Buffalo, 2 Goats, 2 Flocks of Chicks, 1 Trio of Rabbits, 1 Flock of Geese and 1 Flock of Ducks!

The children are so grateful to everyone in the congregation who so generously supported this wonderful outreach.  As Ellie Sharp remarked as the vote was finalized, "We can only imagine what good will come from the actions these children have taken this morning.  Families will be impacted, children will be fed and educated, and our gifts will be passed on as the animals give birth and their offspring are given to others who are needy."