Saint Alban's Anglican Church

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Dinner Groups 2018-2019

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Dinner groups are a great way to get to know your church family. We meet on the third Saturday of the month from September to April (except December). The host family provides the main dish and drinks, the others in the group bring appetizers, bread, dessert and vegetables. You host only once during the year. The groups include singles and couples. If your home is not suitable for hosting, arrangements can be made to use the church. Please consider joining dinner groups - we learn so much about the people in each grouping and it makes for a nice evening. There will be a signup sheet in the narthex. We will start off with a gathering at the church on Sunday, September16 with everyone bringing wine (or a drink of your choice) and an appetizer or dessert at 6:00 pm for a get-acquanted night. If you have any questions, contact Dottie Fleming.